Indonesia as a country with high biodiversity, especially for its medicinal plants, is not yet respond positively and take advantage of opportunities that should make Indonesia as an excellent nation in producing traditional medicine. The use of traditional medicine was done empirically, hereditary experience from generation to generation. Transmission of experience do without documents, written properly, especially because the lack of a formal education system related to medications and treatments using herbs in Indonesia.

Formal education, in this case, related to the herbal, until now is very necessity and obligation for society to received recognition both nationally and internationally, especially at the college level. Therefore, Pharmaceutical Biology Departmentof UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim is one of the containers of formal education to introduce and develop herbal medicinesin Indonesia, especifically herbal medicines which have anticancer and phytoestrogens activities.


Become a DepartementinPharmacy UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim that superior innational herbal medicines community, with traits scientific attitude, ethical and professional, and oriented to Indonesian culture for the sake of humanity.


  1. Improving the quality of scientific education, research, and management herbal production
  2. Maintaining and enhancing professionalism in the field of herbal Indonesia independently or through collaboration with various stakeholders
  3. Maintaining the Indonesian cultural values ​​for the sake of humanity as the main orientation
  4. Developing a network of partnerships with various educational institutions, research and herbal medicine industry
  5. Produce graduates who are competent in terms of education, research, and servicesherbs